Target Credit Card Application Status

Application Status

If you’ve applied for Target REDcard, you’ll be really looking for the application status. Checking if the Target credit card application is approved or not, is very important to schedule your future. Because, although Target REDcard is easy to approved, but at times your application is disapproved by the company.

In that case, you may be inform too late. So, checking Target card application status is essential to save time and money as well.

How to Check Target REDcard Application Status | Instructions

There are many ways customers can adopt to check the application status of their applied Target card (often known as REDcard). These method includes such as check application status with Target Account Login, via phone number, by visiting the store, or through mail using USA postal service.

However, the best way is to check Target card application status online. If you’re already an account holder, you can simply login to My REDcard account check the status. Follow the following steps to check status.


  • Web enabled device like PC or mobile phone
  • Working internet connection
  • Application ID number
  • Social Security Number (SSN#)

Here, Application ID is sent to customer after the customer submit Target credit card application. However, if you do not receive the Target credit card application ID, you will receive a response in mail in 7 to 10 business days.

Check Application Status Step by Step:

  1. Visit the official login page of or follow the link:
  2. Enter the Application ID Number and Last Four Digits of Your Social Security Number
  3. Finally, click the button “Continue” to successfully check the status of your application

What if I do not enter Application ID and SSN# ?

If you hit the “Continue” button without entering Application ID and SSN#, you may receive a message “SSN is required.” and “Application ID is required.” However, if you enter wrong Application ID and SSN, you will receive a message, “Application ID and/or Social Security Number not valid.

Note: For your security, you can successfully obtain your application status online only once. However, you will also receive a response in the mail within two weeks of submitting your application.

Customer Service

You can also contact Target Customer Service to get instant help and assistance regarding Target credit card application status.

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